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{April 2, 2009}   Flower room

This is where the girls will go when the time is right, at about 9 days after going into the veg room. I am using 24 of the 29 girls from the veg room…only the fastest-growing and hardiest. 4 plants per slab spaced equally should be solid for the style of grow I am doing this time around, the Screen of Green (SCROG). This technique requires some sort of netting to weave your plants into, keeping all the main stalks under the netting. I use strawberry netting, but I have heard of people having good results with chicken wire too. The buds then grow up through the netting, creating a dense, even canopy.

On irrigation: I have a 16 gallon reservoir with a water pump connected to a 6 out manifold, one out per slab. From there, the lines split into 4, one per plant. I like the angled drip stakes because they’re low profile.

Drip systems have some pros and cons that you should be aware of. They need a much smaller resovoir compared to ebb-and-flow, which is why I like them. My tray for the flower room has something like a 9’x5′ footprint, so I would need a huge res (55 gallon) to have an ebb-and-flow. I would RATHER use ebb-and-flow because I like the way it draws fresh air into the root area when it drains, plus it’s more reliable IMHO. I just had a hose to a slab pop off and, if I wasn’t crazy neurotic about my garden, I may have lost those 4 plants. Drip systems tend to clog as well, but because they require so much less water and are pretty idiot-proof, I used that irrigation system.

Right now I have the irrigation running to stabalize the ph in the rockwool, shooting for 6.0. It usually takes about 3 days watering every day to stabalize. This is a very important step in the process. The nute solution that is running through the rockwool is about 1000 E.C. and the ph is at about 5.0, much lower than you will be watering the girls with later. Rockwool has a high ph naturally (about 7.0), so we gotta get it down to maxamize nute uptake.


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