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{April 2, 2009}   More sexy mamas

An upskirt shot of the moms.


{April 2, 2009}   Training Moms

I train my mother plants to get the most heads out of them. This involves tieing the tops down to the main stalk. This makes the plants short and bushy, which is what we’re looking for. Gently bend the branch, sort of wrapping it around your thumb, breaking the stalk fibers. If it snaps, that’s okey as long as there is a significant portion still attached. The plants will develop scar tissue and will be stronger in the long run.

{April 2, 2009}   Mamas

I currently have four mother plants that I take cuttings from. Moms stay in veg and are only used to make lots of short, young babies to flower. They stay on a 1,500 EC nute mix…I don’t need them to grow very fast, so I don’t push them. Three are in 6″ rockwool cubes and the one that I am keeping long-term is in a 6″ rockwool cube and Foxfarm’s Ocean Forrest soil with added perlite for breatheability. My last mom was in a hydrofarm setup that roomie let dry up and die 😦 so I opted for a soil buffer to try to counter the roomie factor.

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