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{April 2, 2009}   Young ones in veg

These lovely ladies are new to the veg room. The one in the foreground is a little stressed, this being her first day in the drier air. Took 30 cuttings and 29 survived. Not bad, eh?


{April 2, 2009}   Into the veg room…

These ladies are about a week old and are going into the veg chamber from the clone coffin. They have been put into 4″ rockwool cubes. I learned early on how important stabalizing the ph of the rockwool at 6.0 BEFORE you make them new homes to your plants. They got their first dose of nutes here, a mix of General Hydroponics Flora Nova, MagiCal and Vegan Compost Tea. EC for this first watering in the old ebb-and-flow is at about 800. I use a Hanna hand-held ph and EC combo meter to dial in the right amount of nutes, then to adjust the ph accordingly. They are being lit up by an 8 tube t5 fixture about 3″ from the tops of the plants.

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