Apothecary's Blog

{January 14, 2010}   Welcome!

My name is Apothecary and I have been a medical cannabis user from California for upwards of five years now. In 2004, I got fed up with making the cannabis dispensary sleazebags rich and bought my first round of gear to grow outdoor. A few thousand bucks later and countless hours taking clones, trimming, mixing nutes, pruning, suppercropping, singing to the girls and all the other fun stuff that goes into growing the good stuff has fostered a love of gardening. Cannabis in particular has grown from a hobby to a passion for me. This blog is my attempt to give something back to the cannabis community.

I have encountered many problems that can hound the indoor grower. I have learned by both researching and doing. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with anything that is unclear or you need some advice that isn’t covered in the blog. Bring your friends and let’s get a dialogue going!


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